Monday, 28 March 2011

Lost things...

Today i'd like to share one of my most favourite books with you. The main reason i picked it up was because Rob Ryan did the front cover (God i'm so obsessed!) I'm really into the dark side of fairytales, I looked into the Psycologhy of them for my dissertation at University. It was really interesting and a little weird. But anyway, this book is about a young boy struggling with changes in his life and growing up. He finds himself being led into a dark fairytale land by the crooked man in search of his dead mother.

The Website for this book is really good too. This is one of my favourite quotes by John Connolly -

'What may sometimes seem beyond endurance can be endured, for others have endured it, and when all hope seems lost there is still reason to believe, for others have found hope in the darkest of places.' John Connolly

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