Wednesday, 26 January 2011

For one crowded hour you were the only one in the room....

I found this song when I was working in a Hostel in Australia. I picked up a random CD to play in the minibus i was driving. I literally listened to it on repeat, it's such a good song, it always makes me smile and sing really loud too! :)

  Augie March - One Crowded Hour

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Auntie Gok's back on TV!!!!!!!!!!

How I've missed you you big queen!

Mmmm a new tattoo?????

I'm forever looking at tattoo's online.....So I'm debating whether I want to get some on my collar bone??? Luckily I have no spare cash, so it's just a pipedream at the mo, plus I would like to get more done to my back and get the shitty one on my wrist covered up first.
So today I'd like to share some fun tattoos I've found.....

(above) James Jacobs tattoo

(above)Yann Travaille tattoo


Sunday, 23 January 2011

She's all smiles...

The weekend was successfully normal! Hurrah! I've had my favourite kind of Sunday, wrapped up in someone special's arms, in a lovely warm bed, watching crap TV :) I'm slightly concerned about how awake i feel, considering how little sleep I've had, tomorrow morning is going to be a killer!

Today I'm sharing a very lovely song with you....

Leah Siegel Human

Friday, 21 January 2011

It's that time of the week again...

So this year, i've not been much of a fan of the weekends, and it's come around all too quickly again. But this week i'm pretty optimistic. Plus my friends are having a house party so they can film it for a video for one of their band songs, which should be pretty fun!
Today I started a Birthday present list (well posted lots of things i'd like on my sister's facebook wall!) I'm guessing seeing as I was in Australia last year and recieved no presents, that i deserve to be a little spoilt this year, just a little!
My Birthday Wish List so far.....

Toms shoes are the comfiest in the world and they do the one for one scheme, where you buy a pair of shoes and they'll send a pair of shoes to a child in a developing country.
I've recently fallen in love with Green! I need to own this Adidas originals hoody, i just must!
There's nothing quite like a polaroid picture, i think i'd love to live in their Hewy tones.

As much as I hate to admit, I am a secret Jack Wills fan! Not for the 'look at me i'm rich enough and/or stupid enough to buy this over priced clothing, daaaarling' but the lining details and fabrics on some of the products make me weak at the knees.
It's obvious isn't it, anything by Rob Ryan will put a smile on my face, even something a little mean like this.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I must, I must, I must improve productivity

So having just given the last of my work to a gallery I am very much in need of getting stuck in to making some more! The problem being i'm fed up of using the dining room table or the floor in my sister's old room! I am in need of a real studio, with work tops and draws that never get used! So i'm waiting on a desk so i can convert my sister's room into the dream!
I actually can't wait to have my only little hide out, mainly so I can have all my art stuff together instead of searching for a tool that my mother's 'put away' in the most ludicrous place that only a mother would think that it belongs!
One thing i'm particularly looking forward to is finding 'The Chair' I have a good idea about the kind of throne i'd like to sit on & create, i can but dream......

                                                                           THE ONE!!

Alternative Fancy Dress...

I <3 Fancy dress! And fully appriciate it when people think past, pirates, sailors and cavemen!! Here's a few fabulous ideas i've found....

Carl and Ellies house. (Up)

Pablo the pinata

Day of the dead

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

So here we go....

I love to read other peoples i thought why not give it a go myself. Evenings can sometimes be a little ermmm...unproductive. So I thought i'd share some things with you!
I suppose I should start off by sharing one of my most favourite people in the world with you, Rob Ryan. A must have is his book 'this is for you' it's helped me soo much when i've ever felt sad. It would probably be the only item i own that i could never do without!