Friday, 22 April 2011

Sketchbook mental...

I  carry my sketchbook with me everywhere, it's full of all types of stuff. It's very private though. I don't mind if someone where to take a sneaky peak whilst i'm not around, or, showing people the odd old drawing that isn't really relevant to how i feel anymore. I worry that if anyone where to have a look through they might have thought i was crazy. But it's only ever been for me.
Obviously now being a very happy gurlie and sanitity's kicked in, I find I need it less. Now it's being filled with artist's names or ideas for new work. But looking back through it is fun. If I could go back and tell myself one thing, i'd say - 'You will get the guy'
Anywho i found images of this girl's sketch book on flickr. She's an amazing illustrator, i think she's an apprentice tattooist too. Her name is Ms Staphanie Brown. I think she's quite brave putting her sketchbook online...

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