Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I must, I must, I must improve productivity

So having just given the last of my work to a gallery I am very much in need of getting stuck in to making some more! The problem being i'm fed up of using the dining room table or the floor in my sister's old room! I am in need of a real studio, with work tops and draws that never get used! So i'm waiting on a desk so i can convert my sister's room into the dream!
I actually can't wait to have my only little hide out, mainly so I can have all my art stuff together instead of searching for a tool that my mother's 'put away' in the most ludicrous place that only a mother would think that it belongs!
One thing i'm particularly looking forward to is finding 'The Chair' I have a good idea about the kind of throne i'd like to sit on & create, i can but dream......

                                                                           THE ONE!!

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